Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby Gear: Post 3 - Cloth Diapers

D & I decided when baby girl gets here, we are going to try cloth diapering. We're hoping that we like it and it works for us. We are constantly getting skeptical looks from most people our age or younger whenever they hear that, but there are several reasons we are going to try it.

1. Money - The average parent spends about $20-$40 a week on disposable diapers. Times 52 weeks times 2 1/2 to 3 years = $2,600-6,300. Add a second or third child and now the bill can increas to about $19,000. One cloth diaper user said she has 32 diapers (about 4 days worth) that cost her about $400. Another mom told me that she spent about $1150 to cloth diaper two children. She did not say how many diapers she had, but did say that her "stash is by no means bare-bones.  You can build a functional stash for much less than this)".Obviously, the water bill will go up, but by no means anywhere near that amount of money.

2. Allergies/Rashes - My older sister and I were in cloth diapers because my sister was allergic to the disposables. I was allergic to certain soaps. D was also in cloth diapers (I think because his mother is 'older'). From what I understand diaper rash is less common in cloth diaper users.

3. "Blow-outs" - From what I understand, blow-outs are much less common in cloth than disposables. Since D's family is notorious for those type of issues, I'd like something kind of on my side.

4. Environmental - Let's face it, it better for the landfills.

5. Ease of Use - Cloth diapers nowadays has many options. Yes, you can still get the old-fashioned fold-up diapers that require covers and a Snappi (the modern equivalent to pins). However, they now make fitted or All-in-One/Pocket cloth diapers that snap or have velcro. Essentially, they go on and off the same way the disposable ones do, you just don't throw them in the trash. Click here to see a quick video.

6. Cute Factor - Ok, so it's not a reason to cloth diaper, but it is a bonus. They come in tons of colors and patterns/designs and I can already see myself letting her walk around in the diaper and a shirt as long as she's warm enough.

While I'm sure there's even more benefits/reasons to cloth diaper, those are the main ones for us. We plan to use disposables when she is born because we have no idea how big she will be. But if you've never used them, how are you supposed to know which kind to use or even if you will be able to deal with them? Jillian's Drawers offers a 21-day trial for $10. Details here. How can you beat that?

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