Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Amazing Abundance of Baby Gear: Post 1 - The Crib

Since not being employed and finding out I was pregnant, I have spend a ridiculous time on the internet researching baby gear. While I knew there was a lot out there, the reality far exceeded my expectations. Some of it has been easy to decide on, while some of it, not so easy. Some of it, I was saved from having to decide. My sister had saved several items from my niece (who is now 7 years old). Since she and her husband decided that they are totally done having kids, she gave it to me. Swing, bouncer, boppy, changing pad, video monitor, tons of toys, etc. She also gave us a massive pile of blankets and more clothes than I think this little one will be able to wear before she outgrows them. So huge thanks to her.

The first decision we made was the crib. My grandmother wanted to buy us the crib as she had bought my niece's and wanted to do the same for our little one. The first criteria was that I liked how it looked. There are so many cribs out there, but I found that I really didn't care for look of many of them. It narrowed things down quite a bit. Then I read reviews on the ones I liked the best. After I chose my favorite, I showed it to D and got his take on it. After plenty of eye-rolling on my part and repeatedly stating that it didn't matter if he could 'build a better one', I called my grandmother to tell her we'd picked a crib.

Baby Cache Heritage in Cherry (a bit darker than the stock pic) purchased from Babies R Us. We brought it home a week after ordering as they happened to have one in stock. A happy chance that I wasn't expecting as I'd heard stories of it taking 12 weeks to get cribs in from some stores. We had to use our F350 to pick it up and it barely fit into the bed (yeah, I know it's a short bed, but still). The weather had been wet, so I convinced D to bring it into the kitchen at least. He surprised me by wanting to get it out of the box and assembled upstairs that night. Like I was going to argue. I will say it took longer to take the stickers off the side panels then it did to actually assemble the crib, but we're both pretty handy people. We do love the crib, though the front is a bit high for me being 5'2". D said he'd build me a step if I need it once baby is here, so we'll see. We are still yet to order the mattress for it, though. I will get around to doing that in the next week or so (I hope). I have to order it before Nov 30th as I have a coupon for a 15% discount. We are getting the Colgate Classica foam mattress. D doesn't want something with springs and this one has the best ratings.

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